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Meet Valerie Harris: Special to the Spectrum and Spectrum Magazine website development.

Valerie Harris for the Spectrum Magazine

Valerie Harris has had an eclectic career stemming from a foray into the medical field with training in medical lab technology to a career as a software engineer at NASA/Ames; Lockeed Missiles and Space; Dell Computer Corporation; and Cisco Systems.  After a successful career in software engineering; Valerie turned her sights to criminal defense and advocacy.  She attended the Scott Peterson Murder Trial and wrote several articles for local publications.  After the trial, she was hired to work on the Wendy’s “Finger-in-the Chili” case.  Her next big task was to run a defense case as a trial case-manager for Susan Polk, a defendant on trial for first degree murder in the stabbing death of her husband.  Polk defended herself (pro per) in her murder trial in Contra Costa County, California.  Valerie apeared frequesntly on local news coverage and national network programs such as Good Morning America, The Today Show, CBS' Early Show, Dateline NBC, On The Record with Greta Susteren, CNN, MSNBC, and was a frequent guest on Catherine Crier's Court TV show. Polk was acquitted of first degree murder, but convicted of second degree murder.  Polk’s case is under appeal.

After working the Polk trial, Valerie became an avid defender and advocate for victims of domestic violence.  Her current case is Rachel Yould’s federal case in Anchorage, Alaska. Valerie maintains http://www.courtroomblog.com to educate the public on Rachel Yould's case to show the effects and aftermath of domestic violence and abuse in families.

Currently, Valerie is a special contributor to The Spectrum Magazine in Redwood City and maintains the Spectrum's online website.  She also freelances to other papers and magazines.  Valerie also runs a thriving web-development business. She owns racehorses, and once was a contestant on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.