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Meet James Kaspar: Photographer

kaspar.jpgAlthough initially I spent a number of years in the Mid-West, my family moved to San Mateo in the 1950s and I was in the second graduating class at Hillsdale High School. My college and graduate school days took me out of California but I returned to the Peninsula thirty-five years ago and have remained here since. I have made Redwood City my home in 1988 and I have no intentions of leaving. I love this area and its accessibility to the ocean, the mountains and San Francisco.

I have been involved with photography for almost 40 years. With my retirement from the San Mateo County Superior Court in 2003 and the advent of digital photography, my devotion to the art form really accelerated. I am now having the joy, opportunity and time for a variety of photographic experiences. Working with The Spectrum since its inception in September 2004 has been very rewarding. The magazine's focus on Redwood City and the people who are making a contribution to our community fits perfectly with what I feel are appropriate and worthwhile values. It also has been enriching to meet and photograph the individuals who are the cover subjects. They go about their business without a great deal of fanfare but are clearly assets in our community who should and thankfully are being recognized. It is only hoped that the images you view convey in some measure the quality and character of the individuals that are featured because they offer examples of community involvement that are commendable.