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Meet the Spectrum Magazine Team

Steve Penna for the Spectrum MagazineSteve Penna, owner, editor, and publisher of The Spectrum Magazine of Redwood City. Steve has been active in the Redwood City community for several years. <read more>

James Kaspar for the Spectrum MagazineJames Kaspar, Spectrum's photographer, spent a number of years in the Mid-West. Our family moved to San Mateo in the 1950s and I was in the second graduating class at Hillsdale High School. <read more>

Anne Callery for the Spectrum MagazineAnne Callery, editor, has lived in the Bay Area since 1992 and in Redwood City since 1998. Her credentials include a bachelor's degree in English and history, a master's in library and information science and a certificate in teaching English as a second language. <read more>

Judy Buchan for the Spectrum MagazineJudy Buchan, Spectrum's Contributing Writer , has been a resident of Redwood City since 1951. Judy Buchan first began her service to the community as a member of the Centennial Neighborhood Association leading the fight against drug trafficking and gang activity in the Mezes Park area. <read more>

Nicole Minieri for the Spectrum MagazineNicole "Nikki" Minieri,
Specrum's Contributing Writer and Biography, was born and raised in "The Big Apple," and then became a New York import to the Bay Area in 1990. <read more>

James Massey for the Spectrum MagazineJames Massey, Spectrum's layout and graphics designer , James’ time spent living overseas has broadened his views of design as well as his outlook on life itself. Working abroad has also contributed to his greater understanding of how visual communication is perceived, whether it may be a global, national or communal audience. <read more>

Valerie Harris for the Spectrum MagazineValerie Harris, special to the Spectrum Magazine and Spectum Magazine's web developer, has had an eclectic career stemming from a foray into the medical field with training in medical lab technology to a career as a software engineer at NASA/Ames; Lockeed Missiles and Space; Dell Computer Corporation; and Cisco Systems. <read more>