A Healthy Space: Incorporating Green Concepts into Home Design

Having a roof over our heads has been a need for human beings ever since prehistoric times. We started off going into trees or caves for cover against the dangers of the outside world, such as wild animals and the elements. Over the centuries, we have developed our dwellings by taking materials from the immediate area and putting them together.

In modern times, we utilize raw materials to create stronger substances that we can use for construction. As basic as it seems, a home should also serve a higher purpose beyond protecting us from hot summers and cold winters. It should also positively influence our overall health or well-being. Given the right steps, we can have a perfect place to grow and thrive.

“Crowning Glory”

Whenever we think and talk about real estate in Donnybrook, there is much consideration when it comes to the surroundings, mainly the lawn and backyard. But one of the most critical components of a home is the roof. While most potential and current homeowners do not usually pay attention to this detail, many factors can be considered when making it more “green” or “healthy.”

One is using the concept of green roofing in which you can utilize the roof as a mini-garden. Do you know that you can also employ the use of passive energy concepts such as solar panels? You are not only getting healthier; you are also saving money.

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Living in Harmony

Health and the environment are closely intertwined with one another, as history and studies have proven. A home with more greenery and less garbage is 100% healthier for people to live and stay in. An important reason is that having plants around improves the quality of air and increases the oxygen in it, therefore contributing to better respiration and circulation in your body. Also, you have the option of growing your food. The incorporation of organic crops would undoubtedly improve the quality of your diet.

Recycled Materials

Recycling is an advocacy that helps our society maintain cleanliness and benefits the surrounding ecosystem in the process. If we want to help the environment, then we should minimize the pollutants that we release into nature. Recycling resources is one of the best ways that we can do so, and one of the best by-products of this is construction materials.

Ranging from hollow blocks to recovered wood to re-purposed steel, these are easier to source and cost less since they’ve already been modified to fit the purpose of construction. If we can help the environment, then we can assure that not only our household benefits from it but also the community and the rest of the world.

With all that said, our lives can be toxic. Going home to a refreshing and relaxing place can help you recover from all the outside negativity while enjoying quality time with your family. Combined with a healthy and active lifestyle, you can do more of the things you love while being able to live longer and healthier.

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