Why It Is Wise to Live in One of Rockwell’s Prestigious Properties

In this day and age, most people purchase things based on practicality. Whether it’s as simple as lunch or as big as a real estate property, most buyers focus on affordability. However, just because an offered residence is cheaply priced doesn’t mean that it’s already a good buy. Sadly, quality condominium units available in luxurious addresses such as Rockwell Center in Makati can be automatically labeled as pricey even by those who can afford it. But the key question is: Is the property well worth its price? Consider these benefits of living in a condo at Proscenium at Rockwell before you answer that question:

Respected Reputation

The transformation of this particular tract of land is the brainchild of the Lopez conglomerate’s Eugenio “Geny” Lopez, Jr. It was also supported by this powerful man’s siblings, who were also all big names in the real estate industry. Eventually, the residential properties that were being pre-sold within the newly conceptualized Rockwell complex were all sold within a few days. This business center has become so popular that even a high-end residential skyscraper designed by the famous Carlos Ott, architect of the renowned Opera Bastille in France, is currently being pre-sold inside Rockwell Center.

Available Amenities

Living Room by a Fireplace

The Rockwell business district plan was introduced to the media in 1995, and it reserved 80% of its square footage for amenities and commercial areas. This means that when you buy a condo inside Rockwell, you’re in close proximity to restaurants, shopping centers, entertainment spots, gyms, and many other kinds of businesses. As a matter of fact, living in Rockwell Center can also mean that you’re living near your workplace since it’s also in close proximity to other centers of commerce. Therefore, you can save time and money just by buying a home within Rockwell Center.

Safety and Security

Other than time, one’s safety and security are priceless commodities in the modern world. This is especially true for middle- to upper-class families who have children. Rockwell Center prioritized these features by employing its own security staff and traffic enforcers. District residents, workers, and even drivers are all disciplined, and it’s completely safe to walk around the area without fear of muggings or vehicular accidents. Be assured that your property investment and your present or future family will be safe and secure within this area.

When asked how good Rockwell Center is, Geny Lopez confidently stated that he intended to live there with his family upon its completion. To this day, when you mention the word Rockwell to any real estate buyer or seller, you are met with positive reactions. If you’re a business owner, setting up shop in this business district can definitely add to your company’s value and reputation. With all the perks mentioned earlier, it would be a no-brainer to find a home near your business address. The same can be said for upper-tier investors. Buying residential units in Rockwell Center is not just a great investment for selling at a higher price in the future. It’s also one of the best buys that you can ever get to house yourself and your family.

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