Buying a House: 5 Things You Must Check First

If you are serious about buying a new house, be ready to look beyond the visual appeal. Many houses on the market may look stunning but can be a real fixer-upper underneath that fresh coat of paint.

Start by looking into Eagle Mountain real estate listings to get a head start, and take it from there. Once you have narrowed down your list and ready to visit and inspect your choices, take the following details to heart.

Damages on The Roof

How’s the cover of the house’s structure holding up? Ask your realtor about the condition and age of the roof. Do a visual inspection and zone in on any missing or damaged shingles, accumulating amounts of dirt or moss, rust on the flashing, any potential problems that worry you. Roof issues can cause some serious damage to not only the exterior but the interior of the house. Bring this matter up with your realtor so that it can be properly accounted for during the negotiations with the homeowner.

Air Conditioning and Heat Performance

Make no doubt about it, you will need your heater and cooling systems to be in perfect working condition especially when the weather requires it. Apart from asking about the condition and age of the system, try it out for yourself. Switch it on and off. Feel its performance and listen to how it is running.

If possible, take a peek into its ductwork and see if everything fits nice and snug. Check how it looks from the outside too. Dirt, rust and other accumulated debris should be accounted for. Get an inspection report as well. Your inspector should be able to give you more details once it has been tested.

Signs of Water Damage

Water stains are usually indicative of a damaged water system. You want to inspect all the bathrooms, the area under the kitchen sink, as well as test all the showers and faucets. It’s also wise to check out the basement, garage and crawl space are also good places to see if a sump pump is in place.

Be vigilant as these are all signs of a poor drainage system which could lead to bigger problems in the future such as flooding. Continue inspecting the exterior of the house and take note of any slopes in the yard, french drains, standing water, and any water stains on the foundation.

Foundation Issues

Another important thing to look at is the foundation of the house. Do a thorough walkthrough and carefully inspect the walls of the house both outside and inside. Go into the basement or the crawlspace and take note of any cracks or signs of damage. Make sure to get a complete report from your inspector as well.

Electrical Outlets and Appliances


Don’t let the aesthetics of a home distract you from making sure that the appliances are in good working order. Give the stove and dishwasher a test run, look for grounded outlets in the baths and kitchen, and take a look at the circuit breaker to make sure everything is in place.

If you wish to avoid future problems in your future home, you need to get down to the nitty-gritty of things. Don’t forget to add these concerns to your list when you are shopping for your new dream home.

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