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Finding the ideal office space takes time and a considerable investment. It will be your company’s home for the foreseeable future; you’ll hold meetings, discuss business objectives and see your team grow within its walls. You have to consider several factors before buying or leasing.

When considering a commercial space in Ortigas, experts agree on the following things.

The Importance of Location

The address of your new space is important; it signals a couple of things to take note of:

  • The financial health of your company whether it is profitable or not
  • You can use it to show off to your potential clients and may even convince them to choose you over the competition
  • How much you care for the welfare and comfort of employees

These indicators are important when choosing office space.

When choosing an office to lease, consider its nearness to bus stops or MRT stations. You might have employees that take public transportation to and from work. Make it easier and accessible for them to reach the office on time.

Is the office near your current clients? Your customers may want to visit your company for presentations, or you might need to go to them for collection or face-to-face discussions.

Can it Accommodate Growth?

You have to consider the growth of your company when leasing an office. Do you expect your company to grow in the next few years? Reviewing financial projections and potential clients are some factors that may affect the size of your organization in the near future.

Check the size of the space, how many rooms it has and is it serviced already. The infrastructure in places such as toilets, Internet connection, meeting rooms and others can help you decide if you are making the right investment.

The Right Price

Have a budget in mind when looking to lease office space. This allows you to filter the spaces that are too expensive for your company. It lets you narrow your search and helps you make a shortlist. The list you make enables you to thoroughly review each area and identify which one has the combination of characteristics you are looking for.

Does it Spark Joy?

office interior

Marie Kondo popularized the catchphrase “does it spark joy?” This does not just apply to get rid of things but also for finding them. When you walk into a potential office, do you feel your company being there for years? Can you imagine growing your startup in it? These are some questions to ask when looking for a place to lease.

Parking Space

This may seem like a small detail in the grand scheme of things, but it is an important one. Parking space is a must for top-level management in your company. Does the space you are leasing have enough or you would have to park in another building? Factor this in when choosing a long-term lease.

Ask these questions and consider these factors when looking for office space. Doing so allows you to make the best possible investment and get the most out of it.

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