Five People You Should Meet in Your 20s

Young adulthood can be the most challenging phase of life. Because you are transitioning from becoming a teenager to a person with more responsibilities, it’s going to be quite a change. It might get overwhelming how many things are suddenly on your plate. You need to pay bills, accomplish tasks at work, speak to estate agents and mortgage lenders, and properly manage your finances.

The moment you reach your 20s, you will be exposed to new experiences in life. You will gain new memories, encounter new challenges, and of course, meet new people. The people you cross paths with will always contribute to your life, so make sure you keep the right company. Here are people you should meet in your 20s:

The Wise

At this point in your life, you will be uncertain about a lot of things. They don’t exactly teach you how to deal with job stress or how to move on from an ended relationship in school. So you’re going to need someone to mentor and guide you. Keep a wise person in your closest circle.

This type of individual has gained valuable insights and lessons from their adult journey and will be willing to share these with you. They will always have the best advice for sticky situations and rough challenges. You won’t even notice it, but you’ll find that their wisdom will rub off on you as well.

The Helpful

Some people are just naturally helpful, and you need someone like that in your 20s. A helper is always willing to lend a hand to anyone who might need it. No matter what their situation is, they are always ready to support you in whatever you do. You should meet someone like this not to take advantage of their kindness; rather, it’s to make you more aware of people in need and preparing yourself to help others, too.

The Adventurous

Your 20s are going to be hectic and filled with responsibilities. That’s why the term “adulting” was coined in the first place. But this is the highlight of your life, so you should still be having some fun. An adventurer who loves thrill and excitement in their lives will influence you to do the same. They will drag you into traveling, exploring nature, and doing nerve-wracking activities. You need someone like that to make the most out of your youth.

The Honest

When you’re a young adult, you’re going to make a lot of mistakes — whether it be trusting the wrong people, keeping bad company, choosing the wrong job, or spending too much money on worthless things. Just as you need someone to guide you through your 20s, you also need a person who will tell you straight up what you’re doing wrong.

An honest person will tell you the truth, even if it will hurt you. But do know that they mean well. Their bluntness might seem insulting and offensive, but they will help you live a truthful and ethical life.

The Free-spirited

Co-workers communicating

There’s a tendency for you to take things too seriously in your 20s. With your entire life on the line, you’ll let yourself feed on stress and pressure. But you need a person who will help you relax and take a breather. A free-spirited person will keep you grounded and will remind you of what’s essential in life.

Keeping the right company is crucial in your 20s. These are the people who will mold you as a person and help you attain self-growth.

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