House-hunting for Pet Owners

Finding an ideal home to purchase can be tough. But it can be more challenging if you have dogs in the family. You need to consider their unique needs before making your home-buying decision. Here are things that pet owners should consider during their home search:

1. Pet ordinances.

If you are looking for property for sale in Truganina, make sure to familiarize yourself with pet laws and restrictions in the area. Ownership does not guarantee that you can legally bring your beloved pets to your new home. Some jurisdictions impose limitations around the breed, size, and number of dogs you’re allowed to own. It pays to know the rules such as leash laws and noise ordinances because these can be a deal-breaker when you want a pet-friendly community. You also need to conduct prior research about the HOA policies. Some communities are less dog-friendly and might not be forgiving about your pets’ barking and howling.

2. Fenced yard.

It will be better if you find a fenced yard that will give your dogs the freedom to do their activities while ensuring their safety. Look for a yard that matches your dogs’ size and energy level. If you’re considering a home without a fence, check with the local council about the fencing laws before you sign a contract. They have standards for fencing materials and height. You need to get permits and approval from the homeowners’ association or architectural review board before you can add a fence.

3. Proximity to pet services.

at the vet

Your dog needs food, grooming, and medical care. Make sure to find a home close to vet clinics, pet stores, and 24-hour emergency animal hospitals. It will be nice if there are pet sitters and dog walkers in the area to look after your pooch if you are on vacation or a tight schedule. Explore the neighborhood and look for pet-friendly parks where your dogs can run and play without a leash. You don’t want to drive across town just to find an off-leash area to walk Fido, especially during peak hours.

4. Home layout.

Your pets should be safe and comfortable in their new home. Check if the indoor space is big enough for them to live and play because tight spaces can stress your pets. Stairs may be ok to younger dogs, but it will be hazardous and inconvenient to elderly pets. They might be confined to the first floor if you opt for a multi-level home. The flooring is also a significant consideration when you have pets. Experts recommend pet owners to look for homes with pet-proofed and scratch-resistant flooring materials such as ceramic tiles and laminated vinyl. Solid hardwood is also good because it can be easily refinished when scratched. Remember that carpets absorb smells, collect hair, and trap dirt, so a house with a wall-to-wall carpet isn’t a good choice if you have pets.

Even if you’re working with an agent who takes your pets’ needs seriously, it’s best to do your own checking to ensure that you’ll find a perfect place for your furry family.

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