It’s the Little Things: A Guide to the Right Condo Amenities

Sole homeownership is one of the working goals of most adults. If your income is still relatively low, however, building your home from the ground up isn’t exactly one of your choices. Fortunately, your dream isn’t as far off as you think.

Condos are an excellent place to start with if you want to have an affordable and comfortable place to stay in. In the future, it will also serve as a valuable piece of real estate. Consider options that are cheap and near a business hub, such as a preselling of a high-end condominium.

Not all condos are made equal, however. Some may offer facilities that others do not. When thinking about your possible options, here are a few facilities that you should look for.

Parking Area

While looking at various condos, don’t forget to look at its available parking space. Even if you don’t own a car right now, it’s better to be prepared for your future car ownership, especially if you intend to live in that area for a long time.

The parking space should be easily accessible from the condo. If you’re going to end up walking far to get to your car, the offered parking space won’t be appealing to the residents. Basement parking is one of the preferable parking spaces nowadays.

If you’re planning to rent out your condo, ample parking space is also a good selling point when you’re looking for tenants. People are bound to be car owners more often than not. For example, office workers prefer private vehicles over commuting when traveling to their workplace.

Outdoor Recreational Areas


Pools are a standard amenity to look for when it comes to recreational areas, which is why most condominium complexes provide it nowadays. If you’re interested in other outdoor activities, however, you should consider looking for condos that also offer other recreational facilities.

If you regularly play sports, look for a playing field or covered court. Community gardens are a good option for people who want to cultivate their own plants. With the sheer number of hobbies available, you should find a residence that fosters and supports your interests.

Fitness Facilities

If you’re health-conscious, choose a condo that provides fitness facilities. While gyms are the standard offerings, there are also other exercise activities that some will enjoy more than others. Aerobics, yoga, and dancing are other fun and intensive workout options.

Besides fitness facilities, you should also look at the regularly offered classes. Some condos provide fitness classes if they can’t accommodate the equipment for activities. If you don’t have the time to visit a facility regularly, they might suit your schedule better.

Pet Amenities

More condos are starting to cater to residents who take care of pets nowadays, with some even offering facilities centered towards pets. If you’re a pet owner, make sure that the condo you’re considering not only allows pets but also provides a few pet amenities.

Dog parks, for example, are one of the best places where your pets can roam freely and work out their energy. Pet grooming stations are also a welcome amenity, along with pet daycares and sitters.

It’s hard to find a condo that will offer all these facilities. If you do, then you’re quite lucky. Instead, prioritize one or two facilities that you know you will use to the fullest and use them as the main deciding factors when it comes to choosing the place you’ll stay in.

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