Oopsy Daisy: 3 Amenities Parents Often Overlook When Buying a Home

It takes a whole new level of planning when you’re out in the property market looking for a family-friendly home. No, you’re not just looking for a house that has a nursery room. Or a big yard. Or near a school. You may regret purchasing a new home as soon as you move into it — if you fail to consider these other important amenities:

Bedroom (placement)

It’s not enough to have a room for your baby. Where that room is matters as well, if the nursery and the master suite are too far apart from each other, you may find yourself panting now and then every time the baby wakes up in the middle of the night, if you could hear them at all. It’s worse if you have one room on the first floor and the other at the second. Running up and down the stairs is good exercise, but might be a little too much for a stressed-out new mom. So, when attending open houses, you’re not just considering if there are enough bedrooms for all of you in the family, but also whether the placement of the rooms is convenient for your daily routines. It’s a small detail that’s so easy to overlook, especially when you’ve fallen in love already with the cute, themed aesthetics of the nursery. But for your sanity and your spouse’s, keep this tiny feature in mind. Consider visiting the house and land Melbourne West communities provide. These are properties designed primarily for family’s convenience.

Open floor plan

The floor layout of the house is surely one of the many things people pay attention to when visiting a property — but it’s most likely due to a reason unrelated to children. Often, home buyers go for traditional layouts, rooms separated by walls, so they could maintain privacy, dedicate special rooms, and keep the noise, clutter, and heating and cooling costs to a minimum. But if you have children, especially younger ones, you want them to be at your line of sight always, whether you’re cooking, watching television, or reading a book. That’s why open floor plans, where there are no solid, concrete walls blocking your vision, are a much wiser option than traditional layouts. Look for properties that allow you to supervise kids anytime, anywhere. Don’t worry; you can still pull off a semblance of privacy in an open floor plan. Use freestanding partitions, like open bookshelves or plant boxes.

Couple looking the interior

Flat lot

A lot of home buyers don’t think too much of the land the property is standing on. The home inspector later does that already. But here’s the thing, it’s not just the stability of the lot you should be taking note of. The angle also matters, especially for your kids. If you live in a neighbourhood that’s too steep, your children may be more at risk for injuries when doing outdoor activities like biking and skateboarding. Or, they might just quit on it altogether. The principle here is, think about the surrounding areas at your home, which might pose a danger to your children or keep them from enjoying activities.

Have You Found the Family-Friendly Home?

A family-friendly home is more than a property that has a nursery. Consider how the little details of the home affect your kids’ lifestyles. That’s when you can truly find the best family-friendly home in town.

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