Ultimate Tricks for Showing Off a Rental Property

Making time for property tours is crucial for your prospective tenants. It’s the final nail in the coffin that will determine whether you are going to seal the deal or not. You have to show the property in the best light to make it more attractive. But going overboard with praises can also be a red flag to some tenants. So you have to do everything in moderation. You did a great job advertising your property, and now tenants are flocking in to see. If you don’t know what to do, these tips will be extremely beneficial.

First Impressions Are Everything

The first impression applies both to you and the property. You have to make a great impression with your prospective tenants when you first meet them. You also need to improve the curb appeal for the property to make a great first impression. Put yourself in the tenant’s shoes and update everything you would want to see if it was you looking for a rental space. Update the exterior paint if the topcoat is not looking great.

If you can add some flowers or greenery inside and outside the house, it normally has a significant aesthetics effect. If there is a lawn, ensure it’s maintained until the showing day. You should visit the property often to ensure everything is looking its best. Even an apartment with one bedroom can still be updated. If there is no lawn to plant flowers, you can ensure the front door of the apartment is well-painted, and there is no dirt outside the house.

Always Arrive Prepared

You have to be informed about all the perks of the property and the surrounding area. Find out if there are various public facilities like shopping malls, parks, and schools around the location. Some people will not commit to any house or apartment unless there are recreational facilities within the neighborhood. These can be your selling points, so if you are not knowledgeable enough, you will lose some tenants.

You should also know what the main selling points of the property are. If the property has extra storage space, parking, or an outstanding kitchen, ensure you mention such things during the showing. Know when to show the best parts; never start a property tour by showing all the best parts. Save some of it for the last part so that you can keep the prospective tenants interested throughout the tour. Highlight any opportunities to convert or extend the property if they are available.

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Open Houses Vs. Private Showings

You have the option of showing the property to many tenants at once or organize the individual tours. Open houses save a lot of time but are more convenient to you than the potential tenants. Some people will not be free with what they need or how they feel about the property if ten more people are in the room. The private showing will guarantee more success. Give all the potential tenants different dates so that you can pay attention to their individual needs.

You can even show more than one person in a day but at different times. The tenants will be more at ease and can speak to you freely about the property without fear of offending others who don’t like the property. So you will get more direct and truthful feedback from the clients. It’s also easy to make small tweaks on the staging to make the space more personal during private showings. The individual showings may take a long time, but they are worth the trouble.

Ask Questions

A showing is also your chance to get to know some of your potential tenants better. So ask all the questions to ensure they are the right fit for the property. It will help you avoid troublesome tenants in the long run. Don’t jump straight into the formal questions; you can start with casual information like where are they from or what they do for fun and proceed from there. You will also get feedback about the property that will help you improve the next showing.

Some questions to ask are why are they moving or will they have any roommates. Ensure to ask if any of the tenants have pets if the property is not pet friendly. These questions are necessary for a successful showing and for selecting the best clients. Try to be consistent with your questions with all the tenants.

Showing a rental property comes with a lot of pressure. A few mistakes can cost you an eligible tenant. So if you want everything to go smoothly on that fateful day, follow some of these tips. They will make your property tour a success without too much effort.



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