The Clueless Ninang and Ninong: Gifts for Your Lovely Debutante Inaanak

Do you have an inaanak who will be celebrating her 18th birthday soon, but have no idea what to give her? Finding a gift for a godchild is challenging enough on regular birthdays. The 18th birthday or “debut” — an important celebration for most girls in the Philippines — seems like an even bigger task. As godparents, you want to give her something that she can treasure as she faces a new chapter in her life.

But as human beings, you’ll know that shopping around for a gift that the young lady would appreciate needs some inspiration.

The Beginning of a New Chapter

A debut is more than a birthday celebration for a girl. This celebration has been a tradition in the Philippines. It’s her symbolic transition from childhood to womanhood. From simple dinner at home to a themed party at the Mall of Asia Arena, the 18th birthday is what many Filipinas look forward to in their teenage years.

On this day, your inaanak deserves to be treated like a princess. As her godparents, you can make her day even more special by giving the right gift.

Gifts Ideas for Your Debutante Inaanak


How well you know your inaanak will be a big determiner of what type of gift you’ll be able to get her. If you need a little refresher on her likes and dislikes, spending more time with her prior to her big day. If you’d rather be a little sneaky about your gift idea information gathering, check her social media for clues on what she would want to receive on her birthday. Her parents can give ideas, as well.

Below are some other gift ideas you can consider. They are sorted in four categories to suit various types of a debutante.


Since your inaanak is coming out officially as a young woman, her style is likely to change, as well. You can give her clothing items that are more mature and will suit her next endeavors. This is just a general consideration, though. The more “grown-up” clothes you pick out should still reflect her personal style.

Consider giving her a dress she can wear to special events or parties. She might also like a pair of shoes or an elegant bag from a designer brand. Having trouble deciding still? Give her gift certificates so she can buy what she wants.


If your godchild is into beauty products, giving her a makeup set from a high-end brand will melt her heart. Don’t forget to include a set of makeup brushes in different sizes to complete the package, as well.

High-quality cosmetic products are worthy investments because they last longer and are formulated to be gentle on the skin of your inaanak. She can also use your gift when she starts her internship to boost her confidence.


Electronic devices are now an integral part of our everyday lives. You can’t go wrong with giving your inaanak any of the gadget essentials. For example, you can give her a laptop she can use for studying. A smartphone is also an excellent gift, which she can use to stay connected with you.

A mirrorless camera or an action camera is an ideal gift, as well, particularly if she loves traveling and taking photos or videos. It’s easier to use and more compact than most DSLR cameras, allowing her to take more beautiful photos to cherish and post on her Instagram.


Since your inaanak is entering adulthood, it’s important to teach her the importance of investing. Starting early gives her investments the opportunity to grow to their fullest potential. Real estate investments, particularly high-rise condominiums, are popular among the younger generation. You don’t necessarily have to buy her a condo unit, but it pays to educate her about the advantages of investing.

If you’re feeling generous, you can find condos for sale in major cities in Metro Manila, like Quezon City. It’s a home for world-class education because you can find some of the country’s most prestigious schools like University of the Philippines, Ateneo de Manila University, and Miriam College here — owning a condo here will be convenient if she is going to study in the area.

It’s the Thought that Counts

While godparents are expected to provide gifts to their godchild in the Philippines, it’s not a requirement to buy lavish gifts for your debutante inaanak’s big day; a simple gift would be perfect as long as it’s sincere.

Ninongs and ninangs are, supposedly, role models of the Christian life to their inaanak. As a gift, you can impart wisdom that can guide her throughout her adulthood.

Time is also a practical gift. Being present on a celebration like a debut could be something your inaanak would appreciate. It shows that you’re inaanak’s “coming of age” is as important to you as it is to her.

Her debut is not the only occasion where you can give your inaanak material gifts unless you’re the type who only shows up once in a blue moon. You can also give her gifts on Christmas, graduation, and if she gets married. If you want to spoil your inaanak, make sure to give things she can use in the long run and will remind her of your generosity as her godparent.

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