Top 3 Reasons Thousands of Melburnians Choose to Move to Geelong

Melbourne is losing a large portion of its population to lifestyle markets, and Geelong is amongst the top destinations in the country. In the 2016-2017 financial year alone, more than 6,800 Melburnians emigrated from the Victorian capital city to call Corio Bay their new home, which was good for third place nationwide. Queensland’s the Gold Coast and the LaTrobe-Gippsland region in Victoria claimed first and second spots for the highest number of arrivals in the same period with over 19,000 and almost 12,000 people, respectively.

Why do vacant pieces of land for sale in Geelong sell like hotcakes? Below are the main reasons why are Melburnians choose to live in the area.

1. Plenty of Lifestyle Choices

Change of scenery is one of the selling points of Geelong. It is a metropolitan area in its own right, but it does not the hassles one might expect from the big city. If you are used to heavy traffic, you would be pleasantly surprised that Geelong is rarely congested. Getting around is stress-free, so you can get to experience its diverse range of amenities more easily. Geelong offers different housing options, each with its appeal. You can live in the inner city where all of the modern conveniences are within an arm’s reach. The coastal area has a bevvy of beaches to choose from. If you are not exactly outgoing, you can find peace in suburbia. But if you prefer rural living, you can buy a large parcel of land for growing any produce you fancy on the outskirts of the city. Wherever you live in the Geelong region, though, everywhere still feels so close. You can always try something new every day without spending too much time on the road.

2. Close Proximity to Melbourne

The beauty of living in Geelong is that it is less than 50 minutes away by car from the major city. Telecommuting is delightfully feasible, so you can keep your current job in Melbourne even after uprooting your family. If you decide to travel to other premier locations in Australia, the Avalon Airport is no more than a 20-minute drive. Planning a quick weekend getaway is convenient.

3. Hot Real Estate Market

Vacant lot near a city

Land values in Geelong are still much more affordable than those in major cities, but they are steadily on the rise. If you not in a hurry to leave your life in Melbourne, buy a vacant lot in any community surrounding Corio Bay. In a couple of years, you can increase your wealth through land appreciation without practically spending anything on maintenance. According to a study, the houses in Geelong’s inner suburbs saw eightfold value gains over the last 25 years. But to maximise your rate of return, pick a promising location in suburbia, like Armstrong Creek.

There is a long list of reasons to make Geelong your next home, but you should listen to your heart to determine whether going southwest of Melbourne is truly what is best for you and your family. If your goal is to leave town without really moving away, then it is one of the few places you should strongly consider.

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