Virtual Reality: New Strategy for Real Estate Industry

There are a lot of marketing strategies used in the real estate industry. Selling your products through mainstream marketing platforms does the job of increasing engagement, but there are other things that you have to consider. Competition is tough, and your team will need to formulate the best combination of marketing strategies.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a new marketing platform for your potential clients, opening new opportunities for marketers to explore.

The New Traveling Trend: Virtual Tourism

COVID-19 is accelerating the emerges of virtual tourism. Some travel agents have been using virtual tourism before the pandemic. It provides helpful experiences for the potential clients of their travel destinations.

Virtual tourism helps its clients to see the features of a destination. It is going to set the expectation of the clients before booking their spot. The clients will be able to see hotels, destination attractions, and the surrounding environment.

The expert predicts that virtual tourism will become essential for the tourism industry. Due to the pandemic, the number of people looking for a virtual tour is increasing. Quoting from Forbes, the number is increasing seven times in just a month. It was 1,300 searches in February and growing to almost 10,000 in March. The number keeps growing. Thus it becomes a new marketing tool for your real estate business.

man using VR goggles

Virtual Reality as a Real Estate Marketing Tool

Clients Experience

Its ability to give realistic and immersive experiences to potential clients is its strength. Real estate marketers can use this strength to give their clients a rich experience before making a decision. With the combination of still images and videos, the marketers will allow their clients to explore more about the property.

Some VR even adds multimedia effects, such as narration, music, and sounds effects. That features will create a realistic feeling of exploring the properties and boost the clients’ confidence before settling on their decision.

The Efficiency of Time and Cost

The clients don’t have to travel to various places to see each of the available properties. They can stay in their current position and choose which property they want to see through the VR.

That tool will let the clients see the surrounding of a strategic location. Let them judge the condition of the road around the properties or the atmosphere of the destination. A real-time experience is preferred, and it is possible if you are using VR with numerous cameras ready in your properties.

Marketers can promote the strength of each property easier. They can highlight each detail of their product’s quality without too much work. Afterward, marketers can direct the clients to explore the land for sale in the area or show them a suitable house for them to buy.

Virtual reality will help marketers and clients. They can cut unnecessary travel expenses from one place to another. It is essential to shorten the clients’ journey, while allowing them to inspect the property on-site.

This tool will help marketers to close the deal sooner, increasing their ability to serve more clients.


Some marketers are using webinars to promote their products. You can take this step as well. It is another way to explain to potential clients about your services and your products.

Co-host the webinars with the other teams, for example, house insurance agents. Pick the right subject to promote your services and give them a demo through your VR tools. Exploring ways to let your products reach the targeted audience will require you to be more creative. Do not limit yourself from creating collaboration with the other sectors. The collaboration includes the combination of virtual reality tools and mainstream platforms. Create a more engaging promotion than other competitors.

In today’s landscape, you must do whatever you can to stay ahead of the curve. With the tools already presented to you, don’t be afraid to creative.

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