What are possible reasons for a long-term relationship to end?

As a relationship progresses over time, the different problems the couple faces become more complicated and difficult. Sometimes these issues are so damaging that they could put an end to a relationship that once seemed strong and thriving. Here are a few possible reasons as to why long-term relationships end and what could possibly be done to make them work.

With cute celebrity couple Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler breaking up despite being together for a long time, people are beginning to really worry if ‘true love’ even exists. Of course, while these celebrity couples’ breakups are extremely sad and demotivating, everyone should know that despite what is shown on social media, there is no such thing as a ‘perfect couple.’

In most close-knit circles of friends, there is always that one couple whom everybody knows as ‘the soul mates’ because they have been together since day one. Everybody was sure they were destined for life, but after a few years, they learn that said couple had broken up, much to their shock and dismay.

Over time, couples go through plenty of changes (some minor and some major) throughout the relationship whether they notice them or not. And sometimes, these changes greatly affect the strength, course, and length of their relationship. Here are some possible reasons why a long-term relationship ends.

Goals No Longer Being the Same

Even when you’ve been with somebody for so long, you grow as your own person. While you might not have the exact same goals early on in the relationship, the support is strong and present. As the years pass, however, your goals start to change, sometimes colliding with that of your partner. When a couple’s goals and dreams no longer match up, they wonder how they could still have time to nurture the relationship. It is important to value your partner’s growth all while accepting your own and to still make it work, you would have to compromise.

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Practicality Being Put Aside

When the relationship lasts long enough where there is talk about the future, buying a house and living together usually comes up often. This may be true for some couples because the longer the relationship lasts, money becomes more of a relevant topic. Many couples dream of living like celebrities in a luxurious house, but it’s important to stay practical above all else. Your love life is not a constant Instagram feed. If you and your partner cannot afford lavish mansions at the moment, you can always choose to rent an apartment or buy ones that you can afford. Low-cost housing in Cavite is easy to find, and the same can be said about other parts of the country. Do not let the false highlight of flexing on social media ruin the chance of a great future with your partner.

Involvement of a Third Party

This sub-topic is very subjective yet still cannot be entirely dismissed. As years pass by and the relationship starts to progress, couples develop a daily routine. For this reason, a person in a committed relationship tends to have this sudden urge to ‘try something new.’ Whatever the circumstances, cheating will never be right. If you’re getting ‘bored’ of having the same routine every day, you should talk to your partner about it. Betrayal is permanently damaging to a long-term relationship, assuming the act doesn’t end it immediately.

Every couple is different, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution for the problems they face. But in every relationship, what’s important is that you put your happiness and health above everything else because making difficult decisions together makes all that effort worth it.

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